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Ambassador Robert Joseph: Regime Change Is The Only Sound Policy

Ambassador Robert Joseph - Convention for Democracy in Iran, Paris, June 22, 2013

Convention for Democracy in Iran, Paris, June 22, 2013 - Well, good evening.  It is a true honor for me to join with you today in your demand for a democratic, a secular, and a non-nuclear Iran.  And your most immediate concern and demand for the safety and security of your brothers and sisters in Camp Liberty held hostage in Iraq.

Last week's sham election has once again raised false hopes that there will be significant change in the mullah's policies toward its nuclear weapons program and also perhaps even in terms of the policies of domestic oppression in Iran.  But having watched personally Mr. Rowhani's approach when he was head of the nuclear negotiations now some ten years ago, I know that these hopes will be disappointed.

While he does have diplomatic polish, his objectives are the same objectives of those of his predecessor and that is to continue the quest for nuclear weapons.  He knows how to play the West and he will continue to play the West and he will do it well until the West realizes that it is a fantasy in terms of him being a reformer.

This disguise must not be allowed to provide more time to complete the few remaining steps before Iran can have a nuclear weapon.  The mullahs have pursued negotiations as a game and they have won.  They have gained over a decade of time to pursue the program.

From my experience what stands out is the enormous value that the mullahs place on nuclear weapons, because such weapons will allow them the confidence to pursue their aggressive agenda in Syria and beyond without fear of consequence, but I think even more important, nuclear weapons in the eyes of Iran's current leaders would protect against outside interference in the war that they are conducting against their own people.

This is a regime without legitimacy.  It is a regime that is despised by its own citizens.  As with all authoritarian governments, the people of Iran are the greatest threat to the survival of the regime.  And this is why reform is not an option for the regime.

And it's also why regime change is the only sound policy.  Appeasement and accommodation will not work. It didn't work with Hitler's Germany or with Stalin's Soviet Union.  And it will not work with the mullahs.  It will not bring democracy and it will not bring an end to the nuclear program.

The murderous attacks on the defenseless civilians at Camp Liberty reflect the Mullah's fears of the resistance movement, represented here today.  Under the leadership and wisdom of Madame Rajavi, you're the ones who will play the separate role in achieving the objective of all of us who support democracy and human rights in Iran.

It's a privilege to join forces with you in your cause of freedom.  Thank you very much, and God bless you.

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