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Director Porter Goss: Mullahs Cannot Ignore The Force Of The Legitimate Opposition

Director Porter Goss  –Convention for Democracy in Iran, Villepinte, Paris, France

Convention for Democracy in Iran, Paris, June 22, 2013 - Thank you.  I want you to know that Senator Torricelli stole my speech and he delivered it beautifully and I'm very, very grateful to him.  Now that he's woken everybody up again, let me tell you how happy I am to be here to have a live audience, so I congratulate you on your spirit, your sacrifice and your endurance, because it is truly remarkable. 

As you heard, I'm from the intelligence world.  One of the things I know is what a terrorist organization is, and I also know what a terrorist organization is not.  the MEK is not a terrorist organization.  I apologize it took so long to get the State Department to admit it. 

One of the things I also do know about terrorist organizations is there is one leading in Tehran right now: the Ayatollah and his cronies.  I truly hope it does not take us this long to convince the White House and the State Department that they indeed are a terrorist organization. 

Your help has been great, you've got to keep it up.  We've got work to do. Tehran is dangerous not only to the Iranian people, and I'm so happy to see so many here today, it's very dangerous to the whole world.  And that's one of the reasons you see this extraordinary, this amazing outpouring of dignities, of serious people, decision makers from all over the world coming forward to address the issue, your issue for what you have sacrificed so much. 

We know that the presidential election you've just had in Iran was remarkable for one thing.  It was a very obvious hoax.  As Newt Gingrich said, is a puppet with a smile better than a puppet with a frown?  We all know the puppet is the Ayatollah's puppet.  Not so good.  So we have work to do.  The extraordinary list of people here today is complemented only by the extraordinary broadening in depth and breadth of the resistance movement.  I have been addressing audiences for several years since the great atrocity at Camp Ashraf.  I have seen the movement grow.  I have seen the leadership lead brilliantly and heroically.  I have sadly seen the wall.  I know what the price has been.  I know what the cost of this truly is.  And that is something we must never forget as we go forward. 

We have had an awful lot of help from the resistance movement understanding what is going on and understanding what the path forward will be. 

President Rajavi has given us ten points.  I have four more to add for what I will call today's policy.

The first one I would think would be the question of testing the new president.  I would suggest that we pierce his smile, because I truly believe it is a disingenuous smile, and that we only go forward on verifiable words that he is able to give us.  And frankly we don't expect much on that score.  I think it is self-evident that there is agreement on that point from what you've seen today. 

Secondly, and I think this is very important, furthering your actions to isolate and discredit the Ayatollah and his regime in the court of world opinion, that's working.  It's getting attention.  It’s not just the length of commerce and traffic where you're making an advantage, it's across the globe as you see with the attention that is happening. 

Third, and I think this is very important for people who care about national security, we have to proactively neutralize the terrorist elements acting on this regime's behalf, whether they be the Hezbollah or the IRGC or the Qods Force or the yet to be identified proxy killers like those who rocket bombed, not once but twice or maybe more, Camp Liberty. 

And finally, and this is most important and you know it because this I the reason we're all here—We have to encourage and support the legitimate opposition resistance in all that they do.  And in my view, getting information about what's going on is extremely important. 

You succeeded in bringing attention in very high offices around the globe to the true plight of the Iranian people.  You paid a very high price as I said.  I acknowledge that with a heartfelt thanks.

In the United States we've made promises.  We're honor bound to keep them.  And we'll keep trying until we get it right.  Regime change must come.  It must come from within the Iranian community with the help of the international community.  The mullahs cannot ignore the force of the resurgence of the legitimate opposition.  It's not going to go away.  It's going to go onward to freedom and it's going to go forward now. 

God bless you.  Good luck, we're with you. 


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